Sports One History

Sports One® has been an innovator in sports nutrition since our founding in 1990. Our team includes experts with medical and science backgrounds as well as individuals who are extremely passionate about and involved in nutrition and fitness. Together, we work hard to develop effective and healthy products using the very latest scientific research.

Sports One® was born out of the need for a quality, no-nonsense line of nutritional supplements designed for elite athletes and bodybuilders. Unable to find products that met their standards, the company's founders created Sports One®, with the goal of developing unsurpassed nutritional formulas to meet the demands of hardcore, competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The pride we have in the quality of our products is still the driving force behind everything we do. We refuse to compromise on quality; you can see this in the way we handle each and every ingredient that goes into our formulas:

Sports One® began in the late 90's to advertise and became one of the top brands in the sports nutrition category. We sponsored many world-class athletes and were title sponsors in many bodybuilding events including: Marcus Ruhl.

In 1999 very few bodybuilders were getting bodybuilding contracts Sports One® gave Marcus Ruhl the ability to devote his time to training and his diet. In conversations with the research and development team at Sports One, our athletes were amazed at the technological breakthrough of CYCLOROID. As most competitive athletes know, the only number that matters in a bodybuilding contest is #1. To reach the top you have to utilize everything possible. Sports One's CYCLOROID and CYCLOXTREME were ahead of their time in the pro hormone field.