Why Sports One

Sports One® is part of one of the largest supplement companies in the world –Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. With our new corporate structure we are bringing back our Gold Series line of products which put Sports One® on the map in the early 90's. With new innovation Sports One® will climb back to the top of the bodybuilding industry as a Powerhouse like we were for our first 15 years in existence

Sports One® is committed to introducing new, effective, and "state-of-the-art" high-performance sports supplements. Supplements that are backed by science and based on the concept of enhancing metabolic pathways to increase mental and physical performance. Over the years, Sports One® has led the nutritional supplement industry in price, quality and innovation. We have built lasting and profitable relationships with all of our distributors and retailers.

When Sports One® was established in 1990, we had one simple goal in mind: to produce the finest nutritional supplements in the world. Sports One® is the #1 supplier of pro hormones and make some of the most potent Diet &Energy aids on the market. At Sports One, we set out to do it better, and then we set the new standard for quality.

Sports One® has been an innovator in sports nutrition since our founding in 1990. Our team includes experts with medical and science backgrounds as well as individuals who are extremely passionate about and involved in nutrition and fitness. Together, we work hard to develop effective and healthy products using the very latest scientific research.

Sports One® was born out of the need for a quality, no-nonsense line of nutritional supplements designed for elite athletes. Unable to find products that met their standards in the early 90's, the company's founders created Sports One®, with the goal of developing unsurpassed nutritional formulas to meet the demands of hardcore, competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Sports One® has been providing high-quality sports nutrition products to professional bodybuilders, elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts for over 25 years. Sports One® has helped pioneer a sports-specific approach to athletes' and bodybuilders nutrition. Our comprehensive line of scientifically engineered formulas and single-ingredient products allow athletes to customize a nutritional supplement program to meet their specific training and physique goals.

In 2015 we were acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of the leading sports supplement companies in the United States. Hi-Tech remains true to the principals that the company was built on - innovation, quality and consistency, and will always be dedicated to ensuring that these principals remain uncompromised. Hi-Tech will continue to provide the finest-quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements possible for generations to come.

With our acquisition we have a broader base of industry knowledge that extends through our parent company Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (Hi-Tech). Hi-Tech’s manufacturing capabilities and strong infrastructure complement our experience providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with results-driven products that build on their hard work.

We’re deeply committed to quality, which is demonstrated by our 25-year history of creating and distributing safe and healthy products.

The pride we have in the quality of our products is still the driving force behind everything we do. We refuse to compromise on quality; you can see this in the way we handle each and every ingredient that goes into our formulas:

Hi-Tech has over 400,000 square feet of GMP-certified manufacturing facilities in Georgia and Pennsylvania, which allows us to ensure quality at the highest level. We’re also dedicated to making sure outside resources meet or exceed our high standards.

Hi-Tech thrives on innovation, and extends that philosophy to its manufacturing procedures. We use state-of-the-art procedures and testing for all of our product formulas. Because we are involved in all steps in manufacturing, we can ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, including those set forth for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as our own quality-control specifications. The end result is the Sports One® brand of high-quality, high-performance sports nutrition products that our customers have trusted for more than 25 years

Sports One® All our raw materials are hand selected.

* All our raw materials are tested for purity.

* All our raw materials are chosen based on quality and potency.

We source raw materials from all around the world to find the very best ingredients for our products. Our commitment to quality assures you that our customers will be provided with the most effective formulations produced under strict quality control standards. We feel this is the best way to ensure that when you buy Sports One® products, you are guaranteed consistent high quality.